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Jan 1990 to Dec 2014

Catchment Water Explorer Report

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Catchment Hydrological Information

Water Balance Information

Rain (mm/month) Monthly mean rainfall for the period selected
Snow (mm/month) Monthly mean snowfall for the period selected
Actual Evapotranspiration (mm/month) Monthly mean actual evapotranspiration for the period selected
Runoff (mm/month) Monthly mean runoff for the period selected
Temperature (Celsius) Add temperature value

*Eight modelling systems were used to estimate runoff. The values given here are the mean, minimum and maximum runoff from the ensemble simulations of the eight modelling systems.

Catchment Contextual Information

HydroBasin ID Add hydrobasin ID
Primary OSM River Name Add OSM Name
Country Add country
Catchment Area (sq km) Add catchment area

Catchment Hydrological - Graphs Information

Precipitation - Rain and Snow

Actual Evapotranspiration


Other Catchment Information


Land Cover

Catchment Maps

Land Cover Map

Catchment Map